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Top Aviation Trikes Spring 2017 Demo

Starting April 2017, we will have three “top of the line” trikes to demo side by side plus the ProfiTL wing. Here you can fly one after another on the same day in the same air to really FEEL the differences. This is a limited time while the trikes are here and the owners allow their use. We have the brand new Airborne M3-Sport with the new XRS wing, a new fuel injected 912 Revo with brand new wing and newest iEFIS panel with ABS-B, Delta Jet 2 912S with 12.4 Chavel wing, the Revo 912s carb engine (which is a demo for sale) and the ProfiTL wing of two separate trike undercarriages (monsoon and Delta Jet original)
Published on Mar 26, 2017
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