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Starting Triking

With modern technologies and enhanced training techniques, learning to fly an ultralight weight-shift trike is easier than ever before.

Filmed at the Arlington Air Show in Washington State, Monument Valley and Hawaii, “Starting Triking, Freedom to Fly Ultralight Powered Hang Gliders”, covers a first scenic lesson experience and moves through a couple of flights to, ultimately, expert pilots demonstrating advanced techniques, all with spectacular in-air footage and great soundtrack.

“The DVD can be used by anyone to present a positive image of ultralight flying today”, says Paul Hamilton. “Schools can use it to recruit more students and incorporate it into their lesson package. The video helps instructors save time in the overall training process and make students more effective learning to fly”.

Movie trailer. Go to to get the DVD or download it. Go to to learn all about becoming a pilot. This program is a great introduction to learning to flying a weight-shift trike, or sometimes called a powered hang glider.

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