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Paul Hamilton YouTube Channel Short Intro

Hi, Paul Hamilton here – welcome to my YouTube Channel!

As a full time light sport flight instructor, author and video producer, I bring to you decades of real life flying experience to help you be a better and safer pilot.
What can you expect from my channel? Whether you’re a light sport aircraft pilot or remote pilot flying UAS, I will help you live your dream of flying, quench your thirst for fun and adventure, PLUS, provide comprehensive training to help you fly safe and keep out of regulatory trouble.

You can expect complex piloting concepts “SIMPLIFIED” so you not only know the “HOW”, but most importantly the “WHY”.
You’ll learn to a higher level than just “MEMORIZATION”. You’ll learn to the “UNDERSTANDING LEVEL”.
Have fun looking around the videos on the channel, subscribe and come back regularly to check out new uploads.
I really look forward to hearing from you, take care!

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