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New FAA Rules Regulations for Sport Pilots and Light-Sport Aircraft 2010

New FAA Federal regulations published February 1, 2010 to be effective March 2, 2010. These will go to the Federal Register Title 14 CFR Part 43, 61, 91, and 141.

Paul Hamilton provides a brief overview of some of the highlights. Go to for updates and more detailed information.

In the new world order of more regulations, the new sport pilot/light sport aircraft rules don’t have nearly as many changes as originally proposed in the 2008 NPRM.

They did not add the category and class categories onto the sport pilot certificates. Sport Pilots and flight instructors with a sport pilot rating (CFIS) will still have all those log book endorsements for category and class.

Overall, it looks like more freedoms/privilages, rather than less… a good update for all.

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