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Learn to Fly a Fixed Wing Light-Sport Aircraft

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Experience the adventure of becoming a Sport Pilot and flying a fixed wing, 3-axis aircraft.

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Learn what it takes to get a sport pilot certificate and experience the excitement and adventure of becoming a pilot flying a fixed wing, 3-axis (airplane) light-sport aircraft.

Join instructor Jeff Reynolds as he takes Paul Hamilton through pilot training – from first flight to flying solo, to preparing for the checkride.

Then join Paul as he takes you through the concepts you need to know to earn your pilot certificate. Basic learn-to-fly principles presented can be used for ultralights or fixed-wing LSA. The beautiful cinematography features plenty of in-flight footage that captures the thrill and adventure of flying a light-sport aircraft.

Includes booklet with worksheets and checklists for an interactive learning experience.

Program Outline

First Flights, Fundamental Maneuvers: Ground Operations, Straight-and-Level, Turns, Slow Flight, Climb/Descent

Student to Solo, Practical Maneuvers: Steep Turns, Stalls, Spins, Ground Reference Maneuvers, Takeoffs and Landings, Communications, Collision Avoidance, Emergencies

Solo to Pilot, Further Study: Responsibilities, Checklists, Aircraft Performance, Weather, Navigation, Maps, Airspace

Adventure Productions
Producer/Director: Paul Hamilton

Published on Dec 22, 2012

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